Our Charity Partners

The Wahine Project


“Inspiring a global response that eliminates the barriers preventing a diversity of girls from a personal relation with the ocean and with one another.”

  • Allow a diversity of girls access to ocean sports who would otherwise not have the opportunity.
  • Focus on ocean safety and ocean recreation.
  • Provide education on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle thru exercise and good nutrition.
  • Promote positive self esteem thru the participation of sports
  • Develop a sense of social responsibility and environmental stewardship.


Veterans Transition Center


The mission of the Veterans Transition Center is to provide services forhomeless Veterans and their families. By providing Veterans with transitionalhousing and case management programs, they can once again becomeemployable, productive members of the community. VTC does not simplyoffer short term solutions to homelessness; it strives to better the lives of homelessVeterans, and aims to give them the tools they need to help themselves.


Gathering for Women - Monterey


Our mission is to provide homeless women on the Monterey Peninsula with supportive resources and a caring community. We provide the women with hot, nutritious meals, needed clothing, showers, comprehensive case management support, limited emergency assistance, education to  promote their health and safety, access to free basic health care, and connection to other community service providers.